1. Choose your Craft Beer








Balanced hop notes, sweet malt body in the back, well balanced and easy to drink, slightly American style.


Stil: Pale Ale

Alcohol: 5,5 %

Bitterness: 40 IBU

Colour: Orange-Gold

Malts: Pilsner, Maris Otter

Hops: Mt. Hood, Chinook, Cascade



A refreshing Session IPA with loads of tropical fruits, oats give it a pleasant body. Soft bitterness.


Stil: Session IPA

Alcohol: 4,4% Vol.

Bitterness: 30 IBU

Colour: Clear Golden

Malts: Pale, Wheat, Oat, Acidulated Malts

Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Pacifica, Motueka



Present malt body, herbal, some spicyness, modern interpretation of a classic style.


Stil: Lager

Alcohol: 5,0 %

Bitterness: 30 IBU

Colour: Golden

Malts: Muenchner, Pilsner
Hops: Hallertau Blanc, Huell Melon



Made with only New Zealand Hops this IPA has tropical flavours with hints of white wine.


Stil: IPA

Alcohol: 5,7% Vol.

Bitterness: 55 IBU
Colour: Pale Gold

Malts: Pilsner, Crystal and Flaked Barley

Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, Wataku



A Pale Ale with Wheat malts, notes of citrus and ripe fruits, refreshing with a sweet malt body.


Stil: Wheat Pale Ale

Alcohol: 4,5 %

Bitterness: 34 IBU

Colour: Yellow-Gold

Malts: Pilsner, Wheat Malts

Hops: Crystal, Summer




Infused with fresh Blue Flower Earl Grey Tea this IPA is like a morning cup of tea.


Stil: Earl Grey IPA

Alcohol: 6,5% Vol.

Bitterness: 52 IBU

Colour: Pale Gold

Malts: Pilsner, Crystal, Wheat & Dextrin malts

Hops: Pacifica, Motueka, Southern Cross



Dark with a balanced malt body, some roast flavors, though easy to drink for every season.


Stil: Stout

Alcohol: 4,4 %

Bitterness: 20 IBU

Colour: Brown-Black

Malts: Caramalt, Pilsner, Roastmalt

Hops: Perle



More a black IPA than a real Porter, easy and refreshing to drink, hops and malts well balanced.


Stil: South Pacific Porter

Alcohol: 6,0% Vol.

Bitterness: 50 IBU

Colour: Black

Malts: Pale malt, Munich, Crystal, Dextrin, Carafa Special Type I and Type III

Hops: Pacifica, Nelson Sauvin, Styrian Golding




2. Choose your Container

Want to keep your beers cold a bit longer? This carrier for six of your beers will help you-

- Rent is 5 EUR

- Deposit is 10 EUR per carrier


This little helper can take a whole case and keep it cold for a while. It also comes with a layer of ice to prolog the effect.

- Rent is 15 EUR

- Deposit is 10 EUR

Your mywegbier Outdoor Utility Wagon (including a layer of ice to keep your beers cold a little longer).

- Rent for 3 hours is 15 EUR, 5 EUR for every additional hour

- Deposit is 50 EUR per Wagon  

This is what will help you keep your beer colder for a little longer. Water is filled inside, when frozen it´s put over the bottles. As this is not working on our Sixpack cooler you get it only on full cases, for free.







3. Get your mywegbier Map



Your mywegbier map shows you where some good bars and food spots are located in the Mitte Area.

Also where it is possible to get some new wegbier. 




4. Let´s get it started