1. Choose your Prosecco






City Secco Perlwein trocken (0.2 l)


City Hugo rosé (0.2 l)

City Hugo Aperitivo 

Holunderblüte & Limette süß (0.2 l)

City Rosato Frizzante (0.2 l)




2. Choose your Container






Your Six Pack Can Ice Cooler Carrier for keeping your Prosecco cold, even when it´s hot outside. The Deposit is 10 Euros per Carrier.


Your Prosecco Outdoor Utility Wagon (Including Ice). The Deposit is 50 Euros per Wagon. The price for 3 hours is 15 Euros, after this every new hour is 5 Euros extra.  







3. Get your myprosecco Map






4. Let´s get it started